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Attractions of Latvia

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Most exciting attractions of Latvia - Sightseeing

The beautiful and widely unknown country of Latvia is a secret insider tip as a travel destination. But there is so much to explore: Latvian cuisine, the beautiful national parks with their untouched nature and historical castels, churches and old towns. There are so many wonderful attractions of Latvia, really a secret and widely unknown country for travellers! Latvia and its exciting culture between east and west is really worth a trip – not only for a few days. There is so much to see, to experience and to taste! Latvia amazes with nordic beauty, medieval towns and a impressive nature. Here we have some of the most exciting attractions Latvia provides – experience the most important sightseeing attractions of Latvia!

TOP 10 Tourist Attractions of LATVIA

  1. Riga Old Town & St. Peter’s Church RIGA  history & architecture
  2. Sigulda Castles SIGULDA history & architecture
  3. Cēsis Castle Complex & Old Town CESIS history & architecture
  4. Jūrmala Beach JÜRMALA beach & relax
  5. Gauja National Park CESIS nature
  6. Rundale Palace, PILSRUNDALE, history & museum
  7. Ventspils Beach VENTSPILS beach & relax
  8. The Great Ķemeri Moorland RIGA nature
  9. Cape Kolka, KOLKA nature
  10. Ethnographic Open-Air-Museum of Latvia RIGA history & museum
Attractions of Latvia
Jump over the bonfire - will you try it?

Midsummer in Lettland

Don’t miss the most typical of all Latvian festivals in the night of June 23-24. This is the shortest night of the year. Latvians weave wreaths, drink beer and jump over bonfires to cleanse themselves from all abundance, which is an ancient tradition. The families get together, eat typical Latvian caraway cheese, sing, dance and bath in the steam bath until dawn! Herbs, that were picked at the solstice, are believed to have magical or healing powers. On St. John’s Eve you must not go to sleep until the sun has risen. On the morning of St. John’s Day you have to wade through the morning dew, then there will always be money in your pocket. Women will become more beautiful if they wash their faces with the dew .

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

This vast open-air museum is located near Riga. You can reach it in about in 30 minutes.
The museum is divided in four sections, each one representing one of the four Latvian regions. Each section is host to various historical buildings on display, which are typical of the region’s past. You can v
iew the work of traditional craftsmen and try-out first-hand molding pottery, weaving baskets, making honey or forging coins, or participate in traditional games the Latvians used to play. Various events and  annual festivals are celebrated here. The museum is beautifully located in a majestic pine forest on the banks of Lake Jugla. Expect to spend minimum 3 hours in this fascinating place of Latvian history.
Attractions of Latvia Sightseeing
Historical music group in traditional costumes
Attractions of Latvia - the Gauja National Park
The Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park

The National Park in Vidzeme is the largest national park in Latvia, with an area of 917.86 km2 . The Gauja National Park ist the most popular of all attractions of Latvia – you have to visit it! It is located in the area of ​​the cities of Sigulda  and Cēsis along the valley of the Gauja River, from which the park got its name. Enjoy the beauty and silence of nature, impressive sandstone outcrops, rocks, cliffs and caves.

One day will not be enough to experience the National Park!

Typical Latvian Cuisine

Don’t miss to enjoy the typical taste of Latvia! Latvian cuisine has been influenced by different cultures over the centuries. It is rather hearty and mainly consists of agricultural products such as potatoes, wheat, rye, peas, cabbage, onions, eggs and pork. As Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea, fish dishes make up a significant part of the cuisine. On holidays, Latvians usually eat traditional dishes such as gray peas with bacon, various cakes, smoked fish and meat, cheese, cream, rye bread, and drink beer. 

Latvian cuisine with its superb local ingredients is available for every budget.

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